“Krimtech 10” Karelian company has re-confirmed the quality of its products.

“Krimtech 10” LLC company became the first organization in Russia that developed, manufactured and certified ultralight tactical armor shields “SPARTA-10”. According to the results of voluntary certification, these products received the right to use the regional quality mark “Made in Karelia” (Editor’s note: Karelia is the north-west republic of Russia).

The “SPARTA-10” shield is made of modern ultralight armor that allows it to be used both on land and in water. It is produced in two versions – “City” and “Water” differing from each other in the size and shape of the lower part.

The main distinguishing feature of the new shield is its weight. With dimensions of 50×45 cm, the “City” shield weighs only 13.2 lb. (6 kg) and the “Water” shield with a slightly larger size is 16.5 lb. (7.5 kg).

The second feature is the shape. The presence of combat ledges along the perimeter allows you to hold weapons conveniently and securely. The shield can be effectively used in confined spaces (e.g. vehicles) and at altitude.

Another innovative feature of the shield is its proximity to neutral buoyancy, which allows it to be used by combat swimmers during the storming of ships.

In addition, specifically for the “Sparta-10” shields the “Easel” concealed carry bag was designed and manufactured. The bag allows you to secretly carry the shield in public places and, if necessary, remove and use it for its intended purpose.

The “SPARTA-10” shield of “Krimtech 10” LLC is not the only innovative solution in the field of individual armor protection. The company is a developer and manufacturer of its own-patented products in the field of the military-industrial complex and they have no analogues in Russia.

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