“Krimtech 10” LLC took part in the “Interpolitech” international exhibition on October 20-23.

“Interpolitech” State Security Equipment International Exhibition enjoys a well-deserved reputation among industry experts. From year to year, innovative developments of Russian designers, scientists and engineers are demonstrated here. Their practical application contributes to the technical re-equipment of law enforcement agencies and special services whose activities are related to ensuring national security.

In this year at the “Interpolitech” XXV International Exhibition the Republic of Karelia was represented by the “Krimtech 10” LLC company. “Krimtech 10” LLC is engaged in the development and supply of forensic equipment. Thanks to the assistance of the Entrepreneurship Support Center of JSC “Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia”, the company was able to take part in the exposition.

The stand of “Krimtech 10” LLC attracted the attention of numerous visitors from Russia and foreign countries. Representatives of Belarus, Armenia and France were keenly interested in innovative developments, which have no analogues in Russia.

The “CIBA-10” individual body armor complex, camouflaged under a regular backpack was demonstrated at the exhibition. The backpack houses a full-fledged bulletproof vest and has ability to carry firearms, ammunition and other gear on and inside of it. A gas mask can be removed from the “CIBA-10” In a matter of seconds. With the use of quick-release fasteners, the backpack can be quickly removed from the body of the carrier.

Karelian entrepreneurs also presented «RAM-10» full-size anatomical shooting target to the exhibition participants. The main feature of this target is that it allows the shooter to control and adjust shots to hit vital areas.”RAM-10″ consists of a fixed frame and movable inserts, which are the main target of the shooter. When a bullet hits mobile armor plates, they swing back and make a distinctive sound. However, when a bullet hits the frame of this target there is practically no sound that allows you to detect a miss instantly.In July 2020, “RAM-10” successfully passed voluntary certification and received the “Made in Karelia” badge.

The shield is made of modern ultralight armor material and have a close to zero buoyancy. Rubberized combat ledges around the perimeter for easy viewing and effective weapon holding

“Krimtech 10” LLC specialists also presented tactical armor shields at their stand. The shields are made of modern ultralight armor materials with a BR3 protection class, low weight and almost zero buoyancy. Shields has the rubberized combat ledges made along the perimeter, it allows the shield bearer and the fighters behind him to conveniently hold the weapon and control several possible attack directions at the same time.

Karelian entrepreneurs positively assessed the effectiveness of participation in the international exhibition and reported that during the four days of its work they managed to hold a large number of negotiations with potential customers.

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