The Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia marked the unique products of the “Krimtech” enterprise with the sign “Made in Karelia”.

“Krimtech” (Petrozavodsk company) manufactures a variety of products for law enforcement agencies and force structures starting with UV flashlights and ending with hidden camera detectors. The company’s assortment also includes its own development for military Special Forces – the full-size anatomical target “RAM-10”.

According to experts, this target is distinguished from others by its modular design, which allows you to determine the place of impact right during shooting. The target is made of armored steel; the customer can choose the protection class himself. Structurally, it consists of a fixed part and a base, as well as movable inserts, which are the main aim for the shooter. The red armor plates are movable and deflect back under the influence of the bullet. When the target is hit in the blue frame, the bullet almost does not make a sound and this allows you to detect a miss instantly.

“– This is our invention, – the director of the enterprise Sergey Zhuchenko notes. – It is the dual-purpose product made to train young fighters and to hone the shooting skills of special units. Production has been established, the armor suppliers do not fail and the Special Forces are ready to continue to consult.”

The Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia helps the company in promoting highly specialized business. Permission to use the “Made in Karelia” voluntary certification mark was obtained for the “RAM-10” target.

According to Sergey Zhuchenko, the company actively cooperates with The Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia. An agreement to facilitate the participation of “Krimtech-10” in the international exhibition “Interpolitech 2020” which is to be held in October has already been reached. The National Guard of the Russian Federation (Rosgvardiya) will organize the exhibition – this will be the first serious presentation of the anatomical target “RAM-10”, which will be able to be evaluated by the representatives of law enforcement agencies from various departments of the country.

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